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Oak tree Bread Boards for sale - NORSAH Kennels
Quality Made Oak Tree Bread Boards for Sale in Durbanville, Cape Town.

Perfect for preparing your furry friend's favorite meal! Available at our Kennels

R350.00 - R450.00
ProDog Elite Pellet Dry Dog Food 20 kg - NORSAH Kennels
ProDog Elite Pellet Dry Dog Food 20 kg Small Bites 

Manufactured by Feedpro
NORSAH Kennels sell the dog food [Feedpro] we use at the kennels on site.
-An 'up-market' premium quality food, high in nutritional value which can be compared to well-known veterinary formula/feeds, at an affordable price
-Not available on normal retail shelves
-Highly palatable, digestible and assist with a shiny healthy skin and shiny coat, and helps re growth of hair after moult
-Assists in preventing allergies, good dental condition, a wet nose, firm stools and a good smelling breath.

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