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Dog Grooming Services in Durbanville

Woofie Washie Service

7 Days a Week NORSAH Kennels & Cattery offers a Dog Wash service. Our Pet Parlour includes the following:

NORSAH Kennels and Cattery Dog Grooming Durbanville
Shampoo Wash
Doggie Blow Dry
Tick & Flea Wash
Doggie Grooming Brush


Doggie Wash, Doggie Dry, Doggie Brush
R85.00 R95.00 R105.00


Doggie Wash, Doggie Tick & Flea Wash, Doggie Dry, Doggie Brush
R95.00 R105.00 R115.00


*Pricing as of February 2020.

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Dog Grooming Service Durbanville, Cape Town - NORSAH Kennels and Cattery

Dog Parlour Wash, Tick and Flea Treatment in Durbanville, Cape Town

What Our Customers Say

  • Irene-Helen Forbes Ohlssen

    I chose NORSAH Kennels and Cattery just by a gut feeling. Knew nothing about them. I needed a good safe place for my doggie and 4 cats while I went overseas for a month. Friends were shocked because I'm far away in Muizenberg! My gut feeling was right. They're fantastic...
  • Deidre Rossouw

    NORSAH Kennels and Cattery has taken care of my 2 dog children over weekends and holidays for the past 5 years. Just recently I left them there for almost 3 weeks, whilst on holiday. My dogs were cared for and well fed. When I collect them they seem happy and are always happy to see the staff when we drop them, which is proof that the staff treat them well. I will recommend them to anyone.
  • Estelle Wranz

    Thank you guys for giving me peace of mind when I need to leave my boerboel somewhere :).
  • Irene-Helen Forbes Ohlssen
  • Deidre Rossouw
  • Estelle Wranz
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